Volcano Bay is coming to Universal Studios (Orlando)

There will be a new water park in Central Florida in the summer of 2017! Volcano Bay is an all-new water theme park like no other where thrills and relaxation flow in perfect harmony. With the power of the TapuTapu™ wearable there’s no standing in long lines, wrestling with tubes, or waiting for the fun to begin. It’s a tropical paradise just steps away from everything Universal Orlando Resort™ has to offer…

A Full Day of Tropical Thrills & Relaxation

  • The park boasts 18 incredible attractions, including some that take you right through the iconic volcano.
  • Unique daytime and nighttime experiences make it an entire day’s worth of fun.
  • Guests can rent two-story cabanas, enjoy concierge services and other resort-like amenities.

World-Class Theming & Storytelling

  • Only Universal’s award-winning designers, the same team responsible for creating the incredible environments of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™, could create such an immersive experience.
  • The culture and architecture of the fabled Waturi islanders are brought to life amid the park’s lush tropical landscaping.
  • Guests can play and relax in four unique areas of this South Pacific paradise where “Water is life. Life is joy.”
  • Towering high above the island is the mighty volcano Krakatau™, which cascades water by day and illuminated lava effects at night.

Technology & Design to Make the Most of Your Stay

  • The park has been designed so there’s no standing in long lines or carrying inner tubes from ride to ride.
  • It’s ideal location within Universal Orlando Resort™ makes it easily accessible to guests of the resort’s on-site hotels.
  • On-site hotel guests enjoy early park admission* (valid theme park admission required).

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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

by Christy Todd, Playtime Vacations Travel Consultant


Disney’s Art of Animation Resort lets you stay inside some of Disney’s most iconic animated Movies! You are able to jump into the movies The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Cars and The Lion King.  The charming courtyards, walkways, landscapes and room décor bring back fond memories of these classics.

In the reception area you are greeted by walls and walls of movie paintings and sketches. The walls are lit up like an artist palate with every color in the rainbow and beyond! They have a gift shop located in the lobby area called Ink and Paint Shop with lots of fun souvenirs to take home!


Disney’s Art of Animation Resort offers some standard rooms that sleep 4 people but also have many family suites that can sleep up to 6 people! Perfect for larger families and group gatherings. The family suites offer a main living space with a pull out couch sofa sleeper and an Inova Table bed. The table can convert into an extra bed that sleeps 1 to 2 people! There are two separate bathrooms and a master bedroom with a queen size bed. It also has a mini-kitchen with microwave, coffee maker, sink, and small refrigerator to make snacks and small meals in your room achievable. As with all Disney resorts there is also a wall safe, iron/ironing board, hairdryer and WiFi available.



There is a counter service restaurant called The Landscape of Flavors that is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They offer a variety of choices for your meal you are not limited to burgers and pizza here! There are snacks and drinks available for on the go too! However, if you do feel like pizza there is in room pizza delivery also. As for beverages to cool you off there is a pool bar called The Drop off Pool bar!



Speaking of cooling off! Disney’s Art of Animation resort has three pools the largest is called the Big Blue Pool and is located in the Finding Nemo courtyard area. Big Blue has three parts to cool off play. The large regular pool where you can swim underwater and hear sounds from Finding Nemo! Big Blue is also currently the biggest pool at any resort on Disney World property! The School Yard is a wet splash and play area and Squirt’s Righteous Reef which is play area that is dry land only for the kiddos to romp in.

Staying at Disney’s Art of Animation resort keeps you surrounded by classic characters even after you leave the theme parks. That is part of the enchantment of staying at a Disney resort – you are always immersed in Disney Magic! Come stay and play!


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by Christy Todd, Playtime Vacations Travel Consultant

Strap in to your very own hang glider and prepare to take flight over some Americas most stunning surroundings. This is SOARIN’!


Inside the Land Pavilion at Epcot you will find the ride Soarin’, a true one of a kind ride experience. When you approach the ride entrance you will notice it looks as though you have entered a small airport. All the ride cast members that greet you are dressed as flight attendants. As you make your way along the winding ride queue there are giant screens with interactive games to keep you busy if the line is long. At the end you will approach a loading dock area where you are lined up in seating arrangements. Once this is done there is a short safety video for you to watch. Here you will be advised to secure any loose articles you may have, including “these little beauties”. You wouldn’t want to lose your ears!


You will then enter a large theater area with flying ride vehicles. You will be seated in one of three rows in one of the “hang gliders”. In front of you is a massive concave shaped movie screen. When all the riders are buckled and ready to go the ride vehicles lift smoothly and swiftly into the air. Each row of seats stacks vertically giving you an unobstructed view of the screen. You are now hanging in the air surrounded all by the movie screen. With your feet freely dangling in the air you begin your flight over amazing landscapes! As you are flying along each seat is synchronized to the movie. You will tilt up and down and bank left and right with the turns of your hang glider as you swoop along. You will move over snow covered mountains, along a tree lined river and even fly over an orange grove. You will feel a gentle breeze on your face while you are flying along. You can also catch a scent from some of the locations you are flying through! The smell of pine, oranges and ocean mist will gently greet you along your way. All of this will leave you feeling as if you are truly in your own hang glider exploring through the air! The grand finale is a ride down the center of Main Street USA directly into the castle and the ongoing fireworks display. When the ride is over you are brought gently back to solid ground but you are left with a feeling of flying high!


Soarin’ was originally opened in 2001 as part of Disney’s California Adventure theme park. There it was called “Soarin’ over California”. As part of the 50th celebration of Disneyland the ride was brought to Walt Disney World’s Epcot The Land Pavilion and was opened on May 5, 2005. It has since been an extremely popular ride attraction and can sometimes draw long lines. This ride is considered by most as a “must do” attraction at Disney World. Soarin’ is now present at Disneyland in California, Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Shanghai!


As always Disney Imagineers are always looking for ways to reinvent and improve on the experiences in Disney Parks. Therefore, Soarin’ at Epcot was temporarily closed down January 4, 2016 for a refurbishment and will reopen late summer 2016. This update will include adding another theater to the 2 that are all ready there. Making three operating theaters for this ride, that should hopefully help with wait times! They are also installing new digital projection systems in all of the theaters and when they reopen a new film will debut. This film is said to take you to faraway lands all over the world flying high over extraordinary natural landscapes and iconic man made wonders! The ride itself will still take you on the immersive flight everyone loves but will have a new adventure waiting for you!


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Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort & Boardwalk Area

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort and Boardwalk Area

by Christy Todd, Playtime Vacations Travel Consultant

The Boardwalk Inn resort is an opportunity to experience turn of the century Atlantic seaside. As you approach the resort the lively colors and nautical charm exudes excitement. The lobby welcomes you with colorful patterns, beautiful wood, whimsical vintage furnishings and décor sending you back to a bygone era. There is also a deck just off the main lobby to give you a wonderful view out on Crescent Lake and the Boardwalk water front. Relaxation calls to you!
The Boardwalk resort is located conveniently between EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios making transportation a breeze. An advantage to staying at a resort right on the lake is the variety of transportation options available to you. Disney transportation from the Boardwalk includes the standard bus services, a boat ride to EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studio. It has close proximity to EPCOT and some other resorts so there is also the option of walking over for a visit!


At night the Boardwalk resort area takes on a whole new life! The buildings are lit up brightly and there is music floating out from the two nearby nightclubs. There are midway games set up along the wooden boardwalk to stop at and try your hand at winning a prize. The smells from the boardwalk area restaurants, bakery and a sweets Shoppe fills the air as you stroll along making your senses come alive!


The standard rooms at the Boardwalk Inn resort have two queen beds (or one king), table, and couch, double vanity and a separate area with the shower and toilet. There are 378 guest rooms and 383 vacation villas. The rooms have a simply elegant early 1900 aura with a touch of whimsy. Comfort and tradition come together in your resort room to welcome you back each day after exploring Walt Disney World. There are choices of rooms that overlook gardens, the pool, or the boardwalk itself.


The pool at the Boardwalk Inn is a carnival park called Luna Park. It has a 200 ft waterslide called the Keister Coaster. The waterslide is created to look like an old fashioned wooden rollercoaster with a clown face at the end of the slide to drop you in the pool! There is also a kiddy pool, a playground and a hot tub! There is also the option of two separate quiet pool areas located in the resort. Most afternoons there are poolside games and activities scheduled for fun in the sun!


There is a variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from on the boardwalk. There are some full service restaurants such as Flying Fish, Trattoria Al Forno, ESPN club, and Big River Grille and brewing works. Big River Grille also happens to be a micro-brewery, brewing some of their beers right on site! You can even inquire about taking a small tour of their brewing area in back! There are also some quicker choices to quench your appetite. The Boardwalk bakery and the Boardwalk Pizza window are great options to grab a bite and take a seat on the boardwalk with a great view to enjoy while eating! You can also grab a drink at the Belle Vue Lounge, Boardwalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas, Jellyrolls, The Atlantic Dance Hall and even poolside at the Leaping Horse Libations pool bar. At Jellyrolls you can grab your drink and sing along with Dueling Pianos as they entertain everyone with their antics. The Atlantic Dance Hall you can get out on the dance floor and dance your heart out with a live VJ playing some of the greatest hits!


Along with all of that the resort also offers several activities to enjoy your time on vacation. There is an outdoor campfire and movie (on select nights), a community area for arts and crafts, jogging trails and a health club for those “go getters”, a play park area, guided fishing tours (additional cost) and Surrey Bike rental available. A little something for everyone! There is also plenty of shopping available! Screen Door General Store (groceries/dry goods), Disney’s Character Carnival (apparel/accessories) and Seashore Sweets just to name a few!


The early 19th century Atlantic seaboard theme is very authentic and will transport you back to yesteryear. A time that is reminiscent of both fun and relaxation at the seaside. Book your stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn today!!

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

by Christy Todd, Playtime Vacations Travel Consultant

At Magic Kingdom Theme Park hundreds of different adventures wait to greet you! In Tomorrowland you can help fight the evil Emperor Zurg on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

As you enter the ride queue and you approach the loading dock for your space vehicle you are greeted by the one and only Buzz Lightyear! Here Buzz gives you a quick instruction on your plan of attack after you enter space and then sends you off into infinity and beyond!


The Buzz Lightyear ride is a continuous loading ride so the line for it does move along fairly quickly.  Each of the space vehicles is equipped with two laser canon shooters. The vehicles do not have seatbelts as they just travel horizontally along a track.  The ride vehicles can accommodate two people comfortably or two adults and one small child. Next to your laser shooter there is a digital scoreboard and a joy stick in the middle in between the two. It is apparent very quickly that this is going to be a competition ride!

As you are sent off into space your laser shooter comes to life. All around you are surrounded by space creatures, evil toys and robots that obviously work for Emperor Zurg. All over these evil creatures there are bulls eye’s with a letter “Z” in the middle. Aim your laser at the Z in the middle and start shooting! Keep shooting fast and furious to rack up your points. Don’t forget to use your joystick in the middle to turn and spin your space vehicle. This is a competition so turn the cart to your advantage or turn it to make it harder for your ride partner to aim. Some of the targets are further away and some are moving, these targets are worth more points. As you travel along you will also have an encounter face to face with Zurg himself! After you have defeated Zurg you will take exit into the emergency escape hatch and travel through star tunnel that spins you back to earth.   Don’t forget to check your score at the end of the ride to find out what space ranger rank you have achieved.  There is a status board on the wall as you exit that will give you’re your title according to your score. Everything from a Star Cadet to a Space Ace!  As you roll to your exit Buzz Lightyear congratulates you on a mission well done!

This space adventure is a super fun family ride for all!  So Buzz on over to Tomorrowland and blast off on your space ranger mission!

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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

by Christy Todd, Playtime Vacations Travel Consultant

Looming mysteriously on the skyline of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel. Inside this creepy hotel you are invited to take a tour of the vacant corridors in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!


During the golden age of Hollywood the Hollywood Tower hotel was frequented by the glitzy stars for some relaxation time. It was a glamorous scene, a beautiful hotel and all the famous people were sure to visit. However, on a dark stormy night in 1939 a big storm with fierce lightning struck the building and the 5 unfortunate people in the elevator at that moment were never to be seen again.   The hotel was closed and has remained abandoned every since that fateful night. What became of those poor souls and where they may have gone still remains a mystery.

Currently you are invited to take a tour of the hotel to try and uncover what happened during that mysterious incident.  As you approach the Hollywood Tower Hotel you wind along walkways lined with overgrown, weed filled gardens and ancient wrought iron fencing. All along the way soft music reminiscent of the bygone era can be heard wafting through the greenery.  The outdoor fountains that were once gloriously lit up and showering delightfully are now dried up and cracking.  The walls of the hotel are cracked and have crumbling stucco.

As you enter the hotel lobby it seems as though the room as been frozen in time. The lobby still has newspapers, coats, hats, jackets and luggage waiting for their owners to return. There is even champagne and tea service left behind as if all the people disappeared instantly. The entire lobby is covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs showing the effects of time.  You are greeted in the lobby by a bellhop who directs you to the doors of the library. You can tell that the bellhops are unsure exactly what time this is and who you are but they stay true to their duty. As you enter the dark and foreboding library you start to realize that you may soon be part of a journey into another dimension.  Lightning flickers throughout the library and a television set in the corner flips on with Rod Sterling welcoming you to the Twilight Zone. Here he gives you a glimpse into what may have happened that night.


After Rod’s message is complete doors open into a secret hallway taking you deep into the hotel leading you to the boiler room. The clanking and glowing flames of the boilers lead you along the walkway to the only working elevator on property, the service elevators.  As you enter your elevator to take you into the 5th dimension the light bulbs flicker ominously.  Strap yourself in and you’re off to search for answers. You are taken up to the next floor and when the doors are opened you are greeted by the lost souls from 1939. They call to you to keep moving and follow them into the darkness. On the next level up, your elevator begins to move forward as you travel through sights and sounds of The Twilight Zone. You are taken through the stars and into the darkness of your mind. The elevator slows to a stop and everything goes black.  Suddenly, it drops! You are plummeting downward and then quickly racing up again.  As you speed up and down in the elevator shaft you get a peek out across the theme park through part of a missing wall as the elevator doors open and close. The elevator is being controlled by something not of this world and you can hear the cables cracking and metal creaking.  You are unsure if you will be making it out alive or joining the “other world”.

Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a thematic amazement. Disney always makes sure that everything they do is authentic and high quality. The building inside and out transports you to another time, the story line engrosses you so that you almost forget where you really are.  Not only do they set the scene perfectly Disney is always pushing the bar when it comes to developing new ride systems. The ride vehicles and multi drop ride system were created and developed specifically for this ride. Therefore each time you ride you will experience a new sequence of thrilling drops. When you are in the drop shaft the ride vehicle is pulled up and down by cables allowing you to fall faster than gravity. The drop shaft portion of the ride reaches a top speed of 39 mph and 4.5 G’s of gravitational force. For those who don’t meet the height requirement of 40 inches or taller or those who change their mind at the last minute there is always a chance to exit. Disney also offers a perk called Rider Switch. For this you should talk to the first cast member you come across and inform them that you will need to take advantage of the rider switch. They will assist you in the process. All the members of your group, including the non rider, will go through the pre-show portion of the ride (the library) first. Then one of you and the non rider will then be taken to a holding area to wait for your first rider(s) to finish their trip and return. The next rider will then be ushered to the front of the line to take their turn in the haunted hotel!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror debuted in July of 1994 but has remained one of the most popular rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios throughout the years.  Get ready to travel into the 5th dimension inside the Hollywood Tower Hotel and uncover the mysteries within!


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The Force is Coming

The Force is coming to Disney Parks: Star Wars Land

by: Christy Todd, Travel Consultant for Playtime Vacations
email: christy@playtimevacations.net

Disney is taking their enthusiasm for Star Wars to the next level in 2016 & 2017. There are plans to open a Star Wars Land at both the Disney World theme park and at Disneyland in California. While the largest portion of these projects is only beginning there are many Star Wars additions ready to be experienced at both locations right now!
Disney opened the Star Wars Launch Bay area at each theme park. The Launch Bay area is located in the Animations Courtyard area of the Studios and at Disneyland it is located in Tomorrowland. First Order Stormtroopers patrol the area in front of the Launch Bay keeping an eye on the guests as they approach. Once in the Star Wars Launch Bay area you have a chance to visit several different Star Wars encounters.










The Launch Bay Theater features short films of interviews with individuals that have been key in the making of the Star Wars Saga movies. There are two galleries to visit. The Celebration gallery gives you an up close look at props, ship replicas and costumes used in the movie saga. You can even get an up close view Rey’s Speeder from the newest film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Preview Gallery features artwork, props and film artifacts exclusively from the newest Star Wars film.
There are also special character encounters in two immersive themed area The Dark Side and The Light Side. Choose your path! On the Dark Side you will journey into a Star Destroyer to meet the one and only Darth Vader. The Light Side will take you into an improvised Rebel base to meet Chewbacca, Han Solo’s faithful co-pilot and friend!












You can also visit the galaxy’s famous Cantina! In The Cantina there is an abundance of photo opportunities. You can also check out the infamous HoloChess table that made its first debut in the original Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. While wandering about you will likely run into some Jawas that are there to mingle among the guests. Next, stop by the Star Wars Game Center! Here guests can play an exclusive version of Disney Infinity 3.0.

Lastly, you can stop in to The Launch Bay Cargo gift shop. There is a large range of Star Wars collectibles to choose from. Art prints, figurines, customized magic bands and much more. They also have an array of costumes available….Including a fully authentic Darth Vader costume (for the right price of course) 

For the younglings in your group The Jedi Training: Trial of the Temple will let your kids feel the Force and train to be a Jedi Padawan. For any child who wishes to participate on stage there is a registration ran daily to get signed up. The show lets these new recruits show off their newly acquired skills to the audience and maybe even have a close encounter with the Dark Side!
The Force is strong with this show!









The ride Star Tours:
The Adventures Continue also received some updates. There are over 50 different Star Wars scenes to experience on this adventurous simulator ride. You can blast off into a new adventure almost every time you ride! Test your bravery and ride off into space to save the Galaxy!
In addition to the newly opened Star Wars Launch Bay area there is a new nighttime fireworks show that has debuted at Disney World. Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular fireworks show lights up the skies over Hollywood Studios each night! The fireworks show is set to music selections from all throughout the Star Wars movie saga, including from The Force Awakens!
The year 2016 will bring changes to both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. Work will begin on the 14 acre Star Wars expansions at each park. This means that both theme parks will have some attractions/areas closing temporarily and some closing permanently to make room. The Disneyland plans have a tentative and ambitious completion date of Spring 2017. As of right now it is being called a Star Wars-themed Land. It is unknown for sure if it will officially be known as Star Wars Land.
The new Star Wars Land setting will make you feel as though you magically transported into a trading post located on a never before seen planet out on The Outer Rim of the Galaxy. There will be two, yet to be detailed, signature attractions. One of which was shown on the original concept art to be a full size Millennium Falcon ship. Here riders will be able to take the controls of the iconic Millennium Falcon themselves to help save the galaxy!
The Launch Bay area that has opened seems to be a wonderful addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It will satisfy the Star Wars craving that guests have while Disney starts work on the larger land area. Book your out of this world trip to a Disney theme park today with Playtime Vacations!


If you have any questions, please email Christy at christy@playtimevacations.net
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Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Walt Disney World

Reasons To Spend the Holidays at Walt Disney World

by: Christy Todd, Travel Consultant for Playtime Vacations

The holidays at Walt Disney World are one of the most magical times of year! Everywhere you turn there are lights, decorations, joyful people and if you look close enough…..a sprinkling of pixie dust!

Disney World offers lots of different ways to experience and celebrate the holidays with them.  There are special sights, sounds, smells, activities and performances all over the Disney resort area.

One popular, and glitzy, holiday celebrations has been The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing lights. This has been at home in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios since 1995. This light display has been wowing and entertaining adults and children for 20 years!  It was started in a town in Arkansas by a gentleman who grew up without lights on his house. At the request of his daughter he started putting lights on their house at Christmas time and each year it grew bigger and bigger. Eventually he purchased the houses on either side of him to accommodate the growing display. The Disney Company heard of his display and asked him to share it at their theme park. That partnership brought joy to many who have visited the Disney Hollywood Studios at the holiday time.











The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights includes 5 million lights. It includes light displays, lights strung on buildings and over head and yard displays (it also includes 43 hidden Mickey’s!).  As you walk through the display the lights are set to “dance” to holiday music. Occasionally it will snow on you to as you meander along the streets.  Sixty six snow machines are placed throughout and Hot Chocolate is sold to sip on as you enjoy the sights and sound of the holidays.  It truly is a Spectacle to see! Although this year marks the last year of the light display you can still catch it before it is over! The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights runs through January 03, 2016!

At EPCOT there is the Disney’s Candlelight Processional performed each evening through the end of December. The Candlelight Processional is a breathtaking retelling of the Christmas Story.  An amazing choir and a 50 piece orchestra magnificently bring the story to life. It is narrated by celebrity guests such as Neil Patrick Harris, Whoopi Goldberg and Gary Sinise. This performance will leave you speechless.







EPCOT also offers Holiday’s around the World.  In the World Showcase area of Epcot each country shares their legends and lore of the Holiday’s with Storyteller presentations. Several times a day the country’s storyteller will bring their traditions alive and engross you in their stories of old.  Epcot’s imagineers showcase their holiday spirit through topiaries and loads decorations in a way that only Disney can do!











Magic Kingdom has no shortage of Holiday spirit!  Some consider it holiday central! Magic Kingdom is decorated from top to bottom with holiday magic! Even one of the rides takes on the holiday spirit whole heartedly. The Jungle Cruise ride turns into the The Jingle Cruise!  Each boat gets a festive name for the holidays and holiday decorations are scattered about. The Jungle skippers are homesick for the holidays.  So, their jokes are “punny” as always but are filled with holiday essence.  Join Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf at the Castle for the “A Frozen Holiday Wish” show each evening as Elsa freezes the castle in a blanket of icicles! You will also be able to meet Santa in the Candy Cane Garden. Let the Big guy know what is on your list for Christmas!









Magic Kingdom also offers a special ticketed even called Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  The Very Merry Christmas party includes a Holiday parade, stage shows, a special holiday edition of fireworks and even a dance party.  Not only that but you can ride select attractions under the stars all throughout the Christmas party! Characters are also out and about mingling and dancing the night away with everyone!

Animal Kingdom theme park is decked out for the holidays too! There is a huge amazing Christmas tree at the entrance with beautiful animal themed decorations.  You can have a Meet and Greet and pictures with Mickey and Minnie in their Holiday sweaters and even see Santa Goofy!

Don’t forget the Disney resorts. Each resort has its own distinctive holiday decorations.  Visiting the resorts and taking in the unique holiday atmosphere for each of them is an incredible way to get in the spirit and explore the other resorts.

The Grand Floridian resort features a 5 story Christmas tree in the lobby to welcome you.  There is also a full size Gingerbread house, made from real gingerbread and frosting! It is hand baked and assembled each year specially for the holidays. It is a working building with a gift shop inside selling treats and even has smoke coming out of the chimney!  The Beach Club resort has a life size working carousel made from gingerbread, chocolate and candies!  At the Fort Wilderness campground you can take a horse drawn sleigh ride in the woods. Each resort has its own holiday pixie dust and magic that abounds each day during the holidays.  Be sure you don’t miss out on all those special moments at these resorts during the Holiday season!!


Christy Todd is a Travel Consultant with Playtime Vacations and would love to help you plan your next vacation! She can be reached by email: Christy@playtimevacations.net

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*all photos are Disney property