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Disney's Animal Kingdom

Welcome to the Disney's Animal Kingdom page! Perhaps the most immersive experience of any of the theme parks, Disney's Animal Kingdom is one that has dedicated itself to the nature and wildlife of Earth. At over 500 acres (the Magic Kingdom could fit inside of this park 4 times!) there is something for everyone.


Discovery Island

As you enter the gates of Disney's Animal Kingdom, you will walk along paths and see some wild animals, such as wild boar, spoon bill storks, parrots and even an anteater. You'll then find yourself coming out of the jungle environment, you will be greeted by a gorgeous 14 story high building, the Tree of Life. This is the central hub area for Disney's Animal Kingdom. The Tree of Life is made up of over 150,000 leaves and has over 300 animals carved into it! You can get a closer view of the carvings if you take some of the Discovery Island Trails. Housed inside of the Tree of Life is the fun show, It's Tough to be A Bug. You and your travel companions become honorary bugs for this 9 minute show hosted by Flick (from A Bug's Life) and millions of supporting cast members, you will learn why it is important to consider bugs friends. (Note: Kids may get scared during a black out scene during the show. Ask a cast member for more details)

Pandora - World of Avatar

James Cameron introduced the World of Avatar to all of us back in 2009, Walt Disney World brought Avatar to us in 2018. In Pandora-The World of Avatar, you will be welcomed to the vibrant world. As you enter Pandora, you will be met with a lush atmosphere. The beautiful daytime vistas transfers and the bioluminescent flowers glow, making you feel as though you are truly walking in a dream world.

In this World, you can experience a ride on a banshee and tour Avatar in Flight of Passage. Enjoy views of the ocean, mountains and ancient caverns before meeting up with the Great Leonopteryx and his 45 foot wingspan.

Looking for something a little more relaxing? Set sail on a riverboat journey under a full moon on Na'vi River journey. Here you will float through a bioluminescent landscape while sailing past floating mountains and waterfalls. A large totem, which has been hand woven by the Na'vi people and is a celebration to the shaman (one who celebrates the deep forces between the Na'vi and the life force of Pandora) beckons guests to travel farther along the river. The ride culminates with an encounter with the shaman.



Harambe (in Swahili, it means "come together), a small African village, is actually a mish mash of a number of different locations in Africa. For a small village, it has a lot going on! There is a hotel, a restaurant and a bar, just to get started!


Africa is also home to the Kilimanjaro Safari. On this Safari, get ready to board a 2 week long trip out into the wilds of Africa. You'll meet up with bongos, white rhinos, painted dogs, a cheetah, warthogs, elephants and of course, the king of the jungle, lions! There are many more animals along the way, a tip here is try to go at different times. Animals are not always active just in the morning or at night, but if you can manage 2 or 3 different adventures on the safari, you many have a chance of seeing some different, or more active, animals.

Gorilla Falls Exploration is a walking trail in Africa that will take you in to view some of the Animal Kingdom's most interesting citizens.

The show that is housed in Africa is The Festival of the Lion King. This half hour live show is a must see! If you haven't had the opportunity to see the Broadway show, this is a very close second. It lasts about a half hour and performance times can be found at the theater, on your guide map or on the MyDisneyExperience App.


Entering Asia, you see statues, crumbling buildings, a lush landscape, and then as you come around a corner, its there in front of you. Waiting. Everest. On this train ride into the mountain region, you board an old mountain railway. As you head up the mountain, you see prayer flags and a temple. Suddenly, there is no track! You find yourself heading swiftly backwards...and then you stop. As you are waiting to move again, a shadow of the Yeti shows that he is the one who has ripped up the track. You start plummeting down the mountain and through caves, until you come face to face with the Yeti himself. The ride slows down and ends with you being dropped off and presented with images of yourself on the ride.

Kali River Rapids is not only a great ride, but a nice way to cool off in those hotter Florida months. You head into the ride queue you are guided past all sorts of temples, costumes and river expedition supplies. When you board your raft, you start up a hill and into a story about conservation and how logging is a threat to the environment. The ride ends with you cruising down a hill that WILL get you wet. It may just be a little or you could be in the "lucky" seat and wind up soaked from head to toe. (From experience, please be sure to try to keep any valuables in a dry location. There are lockers outside of the ride entrance for a fee. It's worth it to not have a camera or phone destroyed on this ride)


Dinoland, USA

Dinoland, USA is themed around both dinosaurs as well as other prehistoric life. The DinoInstitue, which holds the ride, Dinosaur, is the anchor of this land. Entering the Institute, it looks just like a museum with fossils and lots of information lining the walls. As you enter the second room, you come face to tail with Sue. Sue is a replica of the most complete T-Rex that has been discovered so far. She shares this room with other fossils and is a great conversation starter before you enter the ride's orientation room. In here, you will learn what your mission is (even though it may not be completely authorized). You will be locating and bringing back an Iguanadon, right before an asteroid hits the Earth. (What could possibly go wrong?) Exit the room and head down to your Time Rover, the vehicle that will take you on this adventure. You'll come across many dinosaurs, one may even try to chase your Time Rover. Will you make it back? And will you have the dinosaur with you?

The Boneyard is and open play area designed for kids up to 10 years old. Here they can play on slides, climb across rope bridges and find their way through caves.

Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama is themed as a side of the road attraction area and has a bunch of midway type arcade games. (additional fees required for each)

Triceratop Spin- Just like Dumbo's Flight in the Magic Kingdom, but on triceratops instead of dinosaurs.

Finding Nemo-The Musical is located in DinoLand, just before the bridge to Asia. In this fun musical, you will come across delightful puppets and vibrant sets as you set out with Marlin, the Clown Fish, to find his son, Nemo. (Show times can be found at the theater, on your guide map or on the MyDisneyExperience App)

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