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Welcome to the Epcot page! Epcot started out as Walt Disney's idea for a functional community, Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. However over the years, that idea changed and Epcot as we know it today is actually set up as two different ideas.


Future World

This is where most guests enter the park. (Some enter using International Gateway out in World Showcase) Upon entry, you will be greeted by Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth is also referred to as the "Golf Ball" because of how it looks. It is also home to a fun and informative ride which takes you through the history of communication and ends with glimpse into what communication may look like in the future. (Spaceship Earth is currently down for a 2 year renovation)

Future World West 

- to the right of Spaceship Earth

Future World also is home to The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Here we travel in a Clam Mobile and follow along as Marlin and Dory search for Nemo, who is lost somewhere in the sea. Once Nemo is reunited with his family, we exit the ride and are in an area that houses a huge aquarium. Take your time exploring the many forms of sea life that are housed here.

The Land is home to two rides. Soarin' Around the World is a flight simulator that takes you around the world. You really feel as though you are on a hang glider as you fly high above glaciers, get close to Mt. Everest, and enjoy the smell of the orange groves in California.

The other ride here is a much more laid back one. On Living with the Land, enjoy a laid back boat tour as you float through greenhouses. Learn how farmers have figured out there is more than one way to grow fruits and vegetables.

Imagination! The Imagination! Pavilion is home to two fun and silly attractions. In Journey Into Imagination, you find yourself inside the Imagination Institute. Dr. Nigel Channing is your guide for your tour of this institution. Shortly into the tour, Figment joins you and creates havoc for a majority of the time he spends with you. Throughout the attraction, you are encouraged to use your senses as well as your imagination. At the end of the tour, Dr. Channing realizes that the imagination (Figment in this case) should be set free. The song, "One Little Spark," plays (you will notice frequent guests of the attraction are singing along) and you are thanked for your time on the tour. Take a few minutes to wander around in the ImageWorks area. It's interactive (small kids can get some pent up energy out) and a fun time!

Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival is located up to your right as you exit the ImageWorks area. This is an 18 minute film festival in 3D. Here you will revisit three dazzling short films as well as enjoy some fun movie effects.

***Kid Tip** Just to the left of the entrance to the Pixar and Disney Short Film Festival is an area with some fountains that jump! It's a great spot to let the kids run around for a while and yes! They can get in the path of the water to cool down. Adults, you can too!


Future World East

-to the left of Spaceship Earth

Mission: Space Here you will get the chance to feel like an astronaut as you are assigned a job before takeoff occurs. Once in the simulator (there is a green side, which is a much smoother ride than the orange side. You can make your decision before you enter the queue area) you will have the chance to experience what astronauts may feel while in space. Don't forget you have a job to do while you're on the ride!


Test Track: On Test Track you not only get to design your vehicle, but you also get to put it through it's paces on a test course. This is the fastest ride in any Disney Park ...the ending is one you won't forget quickly!

World Showcase

World Showcase is a 1.2 mile walking area around a lovely lagoon. Once you are in the World Showcase area of Epcot, you will see that there are eleven countries waiting to welcome you! There are so many different stores and restaurants available in each of these countries. We are still working on updating all of the current information.

Counterclockwise around the lagoon you will find:


United Kingdom




United States






***Kid Tip*** In each country you will also find a KidCot FunStop. Each one is different and the kids can draw, color and collect activity cards at each stop. It's free and fun!


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