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Hollywood Studios

Welcome to the Hollywood Studios Page! There are so many things you can do during a day at Hollywood Studios! Spend your time racing through the streets of Los Angeles to get to a concert, take a 13 story fall in an elevator! Learn about 3-D with the Muppets, go with Mickey and Minnie on a Runaway Train. You can even leave Earth and travel to Batuu to take on the First Order or have a light saber made to your specifications. And that's only some of the fun!


Galaxy's Edge

In Galaxy's Edge, the newest land in Disney's Hollywood Studios, you can live out your own Star Wars story. Here you can build your Jedi light saber, take a flight on the Millennium Falcon and even help Fight in a battle against the First Order! There is so much more you can do here, like build and activate your new droid. Stop in for a snack at Oga's Cantina . Or just wander around the planet of Batuu.



Disney's Hollywood Studios is home to two thrill rides.

The Tower of Terror...As you walk down Sunset Blvd., a massive hotel is waiting for you at the end. Once you get in the queue line, you will walk among the hotel's formerly luxurious gardens before entering the lobby. When you get to the doorway, you almost instantly see that the once pristine location looks as though it has been frozen in time, the only new addition is dust. Enter a preview area and find out that on a stormy night in 1939, five guests got on an elevator for an innocent ride to their room. They didn't know that they'd be taking a one way trip to the Twilight Zone. As you leave the preview area, you are in the boiler room of the hotel, and then somewhat quickly you find yourselves on your own elevator, experiencing the trip for yourselves!


Rock n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith...You have been invited to Aerosmith's concert, but you need to get there fast! Once in the queue for the Rock n' Roller Coaster, you are standing outside of G-Force Records. The line then takes you inside the building, passed some ads for current artists who call G-Force their home. (These are actually artists who work on the Disney Records label) After seeing some of the older posters for concerts lining the walls, you are escorted into the studio. Aerosmith is still in there, wrapping up before they need to get to their concert. Their manager tells them they need to get going because they will be late. The guys don't like having to just leave their fans behind, so they ask her to bring you along. She makes a few calls and before you know it, you are lined up in an alley outside of the studio and get into a super stretch limo. You blast off and start racing through the streets of Los Angeles...and make it to the backstage door of the concert just in time!


Family Rides

There is no shortage of family style rides here!

Climb onboard the newest family attraction at the Studios, Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad. On this new ride,  Mickey and Minnie are out for a drive and you get to follow along with Goofy in his train. Of course, with this combination, some chaos is sure to ensue! Be sure that Mickey and Minnie will come out on top, no matter what the situation is though.

Toy Story Land is a fun land that makes you feel like one of the toys.  Everything here is brightly colored and you are suddenly only about 6" tall. Once in the land, you can head into Andy's room and blast your way through a carnival styled 4D arcade on Toy Story Mania.  After you have scored a ton of points, head over to Slinky Dog Dash. This family friendly coaster manages to please everyone. Have little ones? This coaster has some dips and banked curves, but what it doesn't have, is a scare factor. It really is an enjoyable ride that everyone will want to get on again.   Finally in Toy Story Land is the Alien Swirling Saucers Ride.  Found in Andy's Backyard, Alien Swirling Saucers is a fun spinning ride that you enjoy with the Aliens of Pizza Planet.



If you are looking for shows, you have come to the right place!  

Disney's Hollywood Studios is home to many different shows! You can see Belle and Beast, learn how Indiana Jones' stunts are created and performed and sing along with Anna, Elsa and the rest of the Frozen cast. For you Star Wars fans, your kids can learn how to become a Jedi! And what better ways to wrap up your nights than watching Mickey and the gang overcome the villains or celebrate the saga of Star Wars!


The shows are:

Beauty and the Beast- Live on Stage

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along Celebration

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectaular

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular


**For all times, please refer to your guidemap or the MyDisneyExperience App

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