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  • Kristin Basnett

Back to the Beach Offer (Valid April 29-May 4, 2023)

It's time to go Back to the Beach! I am going to be visiting Sandals Royal Curacao April 29-May 2, 2023. While I am onsite, I will be posting a ton of great information about Sandals Royal Curacao (food, drinks, room tours, resort tours and so much more!) This is all for you, my guests!

When I am visiting the resort, I would love for you to be involved in the experience. As I mentioned, I will be posting a lot of information, but if you have any questions that I am able to answer while I am on site, I will do that too! On May 1, 2023, I am planning on hosting a Facebook Live Event (time has not been determined just yet, but keep your eyes open for that information). Facebook Live's only work well when there is interaction from the viewers, so please, whatever questions you have, get them ready! If I can't provide an answer during the Live Event, I will get that information over to you shortly after.

Now, what is the biggest reason you should follow along? Well, YOU will get some special booking incentives when you book your Sandals or Beaches vacation (minimum of 6 nights) between April 29 and May 4, 2023.

What is this Exclusive Booking Incentive? All of the details are below: Booking Window: 12:01 AM April 29th - 11:59 PM May 4th, 2023

  • Room Categories: Club Sandals/Concierge rooms and higher at Sandals & Beaches Resorts

  • Travel Window & Blackout Dates: See Terms of Agreement

  • Minimum Stay: 6 nights or more Each booking will select one of the following incentives. You can choose from:

  • $250 spa credit at any Sandals or Beaches Resort

  • $260 credit combo ($100 spa credit, $100 private dinner credit & $50 photo shop credit)

  • Discover Scuba 3 Hour Program for 2 Guests

  • Catamaran Cruise (Only applicable for resorts in Jamaica and Turks and Caicos) for up to 2 guests at Sandals and up to 5 guests at Beaches

  • ALSO, when you book at one of the following resorts, you will recieve a private candlelight dinner! (Bookable at Sandals Grande Antigua, Sandals Grenada, Sandals South Coast (Jamaica), Sandals Halcyon (St. Lucia), Sandals Royal Plantation (Jamaica), Sandals Royal Curacao and Beaches Turks and Caicos (Same booking rules apply to this bonus offer as above)

The best part? This offer is also combinable with other promotions! Keep your eyes open for the 7-7-7 Offer that will be valid from April 26-May 2, 2023

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram during this amazing Back to the Beach Adventure! If you are already considering a Sandals (Couples Only) or Beaches (Families) getaway, let me know and I will get you some information now so you can plan to get your deposit in while I am in Curacao, also opening up this amazing offer!

We don't have a Beaches quote form yet, so please email us to get that quote started, or if you have any general questions.

Don't forget to follow us!

The Small Print:

Minimum 6 night Stay

Room Categories: Club Sandals/ Concierge and higher at Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Booking Window: April 29-May 4, 2023

Based on availability Travel Windows: Sandals or Beaches 2023-2025 (January - December) Blackout Dates for 2023:

Sandals: Jan 1-4; Feb 14-19; Dec 26-31

Beaches: Jan 1-4; Feb 18-24; Mar 11-25; Apr 2-16; Nov 18-24; Dec 21-31

Blackout Dates for 2024: Sandals: Jan 1 - 4; Feb 14 - 19; Dec 26 - Dec 31

Beaches: Jan 1- 4; Feb 17 - 23; Mar 16- Apr 14; Nov 23 -29; Dec 21 - Dec 31 Blackout Dates for 2025:

Sandals: Jan 1 - 4; Feb 14 - 19; Dec 26 - Dec 31

Beaches: Jan 1- 4; Feb 15-21; Mar 15-29; Apr 13-27; Nov 22 -28; Dec 21 - Dec 31


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