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  • Kristin Basnett

"Exploring the New Themed Land: DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon-Isle of Berk at Universal's EPIC Universe"

How To Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk "Welcome" Slide with image of Entrance to the land

Universal Orlando has just released some of the main attractions coming to the new land, DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk, when the brand new EPIC Universe theme park opens in 2025.

Main Overview of the DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk
Main Overview of the DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Interior of Mead Hall. Dining tables with Viking decor and a chandelier

Explore the fare of Mead Hall Berk's gathering place. Enjoy meats, fish, sandwiches and a variety of meads and ciders.

Hiccup and Toothless meeting guests. Viking photographer taking pictures

Meet some of your favorite characters in Berk

Head to the charming Haddock Paddock to meet and pose for photos with the heroic dragon rider, Hiccup and the friendly Night Fury Dragon, Toothless. As you stroll through Berk, you may meet some of your favorite characters such as: Astrid and Stormfly or Ruffnutt and Tuffnutt. You may even see dragons soaring high over the village!

Viking Training Camp. Vibrant play area for kids

Viking Training Camp

Here, Junior Vikings will discover all types of dragons in this sprawling, colorful, interactive play area.

Dragon Racer's Rally...a high flying training machine to learn how to fly on dragons

Dragon Racer's Rally

Berk's new Vikings can practice aerobatic maneuvers and high speed barrel rolls on a Viking-made dragon-riding trainer. These skills are necessary if you ever want to become a champion dragon racer.

Viking Ship sailing through waters that hold monsters.

Ride a Viking Ship....

and join a splashy sea battle. Viking twins Ruffnutt and Tuffnutt have transformed Berk's Fyre Skool into a watery, interactive boat battle at sea. Board your ship in Fyre Drill and blast your water cannons at flame-like targets -and the occupants of the other ships - to out soak other villagers.

Hiccup and Toothless fly over the audience at the new live show The Untrainable Dragon

The Untrainable Dragon

Hiccup and Toothless think they've finally met their match when a new dragon arrives on the Isle of Berk. Gobber and Astrid lend a hand and together they all work to solve the Mystery of the Untrainable Dragon. Experience the wonder of dragons onstage and soaring overhead in this spectacular, music filled, heart-warming live show.

Roller coaster skimming water on Hiccup's Wing Gliders

Soar Like A Dragon on Hiccup's Wing Gliders

From Hiccup's workshop comes his latest contraption: A winged flying machine that launches aspiring Dragon Riders into the air, swooping and soaring. As you fly, you'll encounter Hiccup and Toothless along the way. Board Hiccup's Wing Gliders, a fun coaster that invites Vikings to prove they're brave enough to speed through the sky with dragons.

EPIC Universe is set to open in 2025. Stay tuned for more information about the other amazingly fabulous lands that are coming to EPIC next year!

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