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  • Kristin Basnett

"Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding"

1 Less Stress...The top reason we think a Destination Wedding is ideal is because it is much less stressful. The resorts we work with have packages that include cocktail receptions as well as inspiration ideas for your decorations. You pick from what's available! With a destination wedding, Playtime Vacations will help you find the perfect location. Once we have that situated, we will have a call with your pre-travel planner, who will get the ball rolling for your big day! Your guests will deal directly with Playtime Vacations for all of the travel don't need to know what's going on and get stressed out with any of that!

2 Your Dream Wedding Comes to Life...Have you always wanted to get married on the beach of a Caribbean Island with clear blue waters in the background? Is getting married with a jungle setting the wedding of your dreams? No matter what your Caribbean Island or Mexican Dream Wedding looks like, it is possible with your destination wedding!

3 Cost Effective...It may sound impossible - a wedding on a beach miles away from home - being a more cost effective option than the banquet facility a few miles from your house, but it is true! When you head to a destination (we currently focus on the Caribbean and Mexico only), you can keep some money in your wallet! Couples can head to their destination, have the ceremony and reception at a beautiful All Inclusive Resort and party with friends and family for a few thousand dollars opposed to spending tens of thousands (before your honeymoon) on a wedding in your town. And the price only goes up from there for bigger city weddings.

4 Want a Tuesday Wedding? That's an option! ...Your wedding doesn't need to be held on a weekend! The resorts and wedding destinations we work with offer weddings 7 days a week. Now, if you would like a Friday or Saturday wedding, there is an additional fee, but still nothing close to the price you'd pay at home. Also, for any day of the week, if you would like the "Twilight Hour Wedding" and/or a Premium Location (such as the rooftop pool), those are also options, based on availability, for an added fee.

5 The Photographs You'll Get...We all love pictures! We all have phones in our pockets. But, the pictures your photographer is going to get, with your beautiful beachy or jungle backgrounds are going to be beyond amazing! These will for sure be once in a lifetime pictures, capturing your special day with friends and family.

Ready to start planning your Destination Wedding? Let's set up a consultation call to get started:

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