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  • Kristin Basnett

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2024 is Coming...Haunted Houses Announced (so far)

Halloween Horror Nights Select Nights August 30-Nov 3

Halloween Horror Nights is set to begin it's 24th season at Universal Orlando this fall. Beginning on August 24 and running select dates through November 3, we are already getting information on HHN Packages and (the most anticipated information) the Haunted Houses!

We already know 3 of the 10 Haunted Houses that are going to be open for guests.

The houses we already know are:

Slaughter Sinema 2 If you’re dying for a b-movie horror marathon, head to the Carey Drive-in.

Scream through scenes from creature features, grindhouse gore, spaghetti westerns and more.

Slaughter Sinema 2 Title Card

Goblin’s Feast Welcome to the Goblin’s Feast Tavern and visit the goblin village where a lavish feast is being prepared for goblins, orcs, hobgoblins and witches. And you’re the main course.

Goblin's Feasat Title Card

Major Sweets Candy Factory You’ve been invited to chaperone a field trip to a candy factory. The deadly delicious treats turn the kids into sugar-fueled fiends.

Halloween Horror Nights Major Sweets Candy Factory

Are you ready? Packages are available to book now for 2024 Halloween Horror Nights.

Do you know anyone looking to visit Universal Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights? I would love to help! To get started, schedule a consultation call by visiting or by emailing


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