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Disney Tickets

There are a few different options for Walt Disney World Tickets. You may be looking to do just one park per day. Or you may be looking to take on a few parks. You may even be considering adding an activity such as mini-golf or a water park to your morning before heading into the theme parks. It sounds confusing, but don't worry! You can learn more about each type of ticket option here.


Base Tickets

Disney's Base Tickets are the most simple, basic tickets you can purchase. They allow one park per day (for the number of days you purchase) on your vacation. (Currently these tickets can be purchased for up to 10 days and the price per day goes down, the more days you buy.)


Park Hopper Tickets

Disney's Park Hopper tickets give you a bit of flexibility when you are on vacation. Say you want to start out the day in the Magic Kingdom, but you want to take a resort break around 2. Once your break is over, you don't need to head to the park you were in earlier. You can hop to any of the 3 other theme parks, or you can head back to the Magic Kingdom. The choice is yours!


Park Hopper Plus Tickets

With Disney's Park Hopper PLUS tickets, you are getting the most for your money. On top of the Park Hopper Option, you also receive a certain number of additional extras. You can visit either of the 2 water parks, get access to Disney's Wide World of Sports, access to either of the 2 mini golf locations or if you are a golfer, a round of golf at Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course.

As stated above, you receive these based on the days you purchase. So if you purchase a 7 day ticket, you receive 7 extra benefits.

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