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Water Parks


Typhoon Lagoon

The story goes that a storm came through and wreaked havoc on this island oasis. Surfboards wound up in palm trees, small boats were relocated to rooftops and the Miss Tilly, a small fishing vessel, is now permanently housed on the top of Mount Mayday!

With areas for kids, tweens and adults, a day (or even a few hours) is a welcome distraction during your Walt Disney World vacation. One of the most favorite locations here is the wave pool. After opening, once every 90 seconds, there is a wave, about 6 feet tall, that comes and takes out all guests in its way. (Don't worry, a "sonic boom" is the warning, so if you hear that, get ready!)

You can also ride with family members on a water coaster, Slush n' Gusher, let the kids have some play time in Ketchakiddee Creek or just soak in the sun on one of the many lounge chairs along the beach.


Blizzard Beach (currently closed)

There was once a snowstorm that hit Central Florida...The people who lived there decided to open a ski resort. Not long after the storm, the normal sunny weather came back. Ever since, the snow has been melting and the ski lodge became a water park called Blizzard Beach!

Just as with Typhoon Lagoon, there are many areas here for families, kids and tweens. Take a splash down Summit Plummet, relax on a ride around the park on Cross Country Creek, race your family members on Downhill Double Dipper or bob in the waves on Meltaway Bay.

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