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Couple on the Beach

Let's be are in the middle of planning a wedding, when are you supposed to also plan a honeymoon?  Research says that couples put in over 25 hours planning their honeymoon on their own.  That is valuable time that you can use for yourself! Let a professional help you plan the first trip as a married couple.  

A benefit of utilizing Playtime Vacations is...our services are free when you book with us! (Free...a word, you probably have not seen a lot of during your wedding planning.) Yes, we get paid directly from the vendors that we book through. Nothing comes out of your pocket to us ever.

Whether you are planning a honeymoon to:
An All-inclusive Resort in the Caribbean
A Tour through Europe
A Cruise
Or any other place you are imagining...


We can get you there! And keep in mind, we are always looking out for the best price for you! That's right. Even after you have booked your honeymoon, if an offer or discount comes out for your dates, we will see if we can apply it and either save you some money or get you an upgrade.  

We also offer a Honeymoon Registry! This is a great way for friends/family to give a gift towards your honeymoon.  For more information click here: 


How do we get started?  Simple! Click below to schedule your free consultation


Looking to start planning but have some questions? Not a problem! Click here: 

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